I hate talking about myself generally so writing about myself isn’t much easier. I could go on about what and who inspires me and my journey into professional photography, but I feel that this bit should be about who I am. What better way to do that than through the words of others (I’ll probably regret this).

I have been told when out with friends that I morph into ‘ a frenetically snapping fool’, always wondering off to get the best shot/angle/lighting resulting in often being abandoned. It is however my friends and family that have always encouraged me in my aspiration to carve a career out of my passion.

“Liat is totally passionate about capturing images and is captivated by details that simply do not feature on other peoples agendas. Through her lens, and with her vision she brings the mundane to life.. .” – Alexia Thompson

LW beachCombining a holiday with friends or loved ones with capturing professional standard images can be a tricky. It can take time to set up a shot or wait for the right light, sometimes though the capture is spontaneous. Often it means different lenses, filters, a tripod…. Having said that, I have bagged some great shots on holiday with very minimal kit, just my D700 and a 50 mm lens (see Moroccan Sunset) – so my advice is to sneak the basic kit in your hand luggage and carry your camera with you always – you never know what you will encounter.

“I think serendipity must somehow play a role in the magic of Liat’s photography. She must often just be in the right place at the right time! Liat’s photographs capture the extra ordinariness of life and nature in particular. I would say that not only is her eye for detail and colour remarkable but that her compositions end up becoming small masterpieces of light and dark, relief and soft focus. Every photo tells a little story and each one captures my gaze and stills it for a while so that I can contemplate things that I would normally miss in my day to day life. I love Liat’s work and look forward to seeing each new photograph and I hope she gets every opportunity to share her talent with as many people as possible in the future. “ – Polly Cook

Im a bit geeky… I can sit and watch youtube tutorials on photoshop or reviews of the best kit for HOURS… this isn’t healthy so I do try to balance this with an hour or so on ebay looking for a good deal on kit…

“Liat took some fantastic photos for my jewellery business. She brought out the best features of the products and gave them a really elegant feel. I’m absolutely delighted with the quality of these photos and am using them on my website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.” – Sarah – The Brixton Jewellery Company

show and tell copyIm hoping the picture that is being painted is of someone who is passionate about photography dedicated to the art and continuously looking for ways to improve. I owe the passion to my late father and the inspiration to so many people, friends family, clients and the beautiful world we live in and too often take for granted.

Liat Wicks is a female photographer based in the UK specialising in Black and White photography, Environmental Portraits and Street Photography which are inspired by her deep interest in culture and communities.

Prints and commissions: If you are interested in purchasing prints from the galleries or commissioning work, please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.